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Reducing thickness

Surface papering

Reducing thickness

Surface papering

Curving edges

Cutting wood into blocks



Chipping extra portions

Joining parts by fevicol

1 st stage of papering

Application of putti

2 nd stage of papering


2 nd coat of putti

Final papering

2 nd coat of polishing

Spray painting

Heater room

Moulded base foam

MDF attached to foam

Attaching cloth

Ready seat

Attaching seat to chair


Solid wood and furniture

For hundreds of years, wood has been the standard for furniture construction. However, as time passed, several low-cost, low-maintenance materials, such as plastic, steel, and aluminium, entered the market. But in recent years, wooden furniture has recovered some of its former glory and become increasingly prominent once more.

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Deco Design was started in 1979 and has come a long way to strongly establish itself as one of Bangalore’s top class interior designer and furniture manufacturer.


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